AstroZenit Daily Love Horoscope


ARIES ( 3/21– 4/19 )

August 8,2018

Woman- You will feel the influence of  the conjunction of the Sun and  Mercury in your segment of love and enjoyment and since Mercury is retrograde you might  be a pretty nervous due to some rumors on account of your family. You likely have disputes with older women in the family, especially if they disapprove your choice of partner.

Man– You are probably attracted by someone you have met in a public place or you are expecting an acquaintance in the evening. You are very anxious for something you could be informed about on account of someone you like. A Cancer is manipulating you.


TAURUS ( 4/20 – 5/20 )

August 8,2018.

Woman -Venus is well positioned in Libra while the Sun, which influences your sign as to your private life, may bring the necessity to solve family problems, especially if you often disagree with someone who has tried to influence your career. You are very possessive in love.

Man-  There is a possibility to meet a Cancer or Taurus, which makes you impatient if you are not sure who you should behave. You know how to solve the problem with your current mate, especially if she shows jealousy. A Capricorn may be considered very interesting.


GEMINI  (22.5.- 21.6.)

August 8,2018.

Woman- Mercury retrograde in conjunction with the Sun may bring remorse or feeling sorry if you have not behaved fairly, especially if the partner has expected a lot from you. You are more occupied by yourself than your partner who has disappointed you a bit.

Man- You should try to be honest with the person you love even if you think that would not be very well accepted. You can find words that would not hurt her, but to play the game is the best option..You might be attracted to a Libra.


CANCER (6/22-7/22)

August 8,2018.

Woman– The aspect between Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius makes you logical and ready to accept some partner’s s lifestyle even if not convenient to you. Try to find the best way to arrange  a date with a Scorpio or Pisces.

Man– If you are fond of an ambitious partner, conflicts are possible because the Moon, the ruler of your sign  is opposig Saturn, and you recognize her as a cold distant person who does not allow you to show emotions the way you want.


LEO ( 7/23 – 8/22 .)

August 8,2018.

Woman- Transiting Mars and Venus might bring new acquaintance or interesting moments in relationships with some fire sign, or you can meet some  Aries or Sagittarius who will like you. Highlighted Libra brings a good chances for dating.

Man– You are trying to be in a top form to impress the one you like. If you are free, enjoy your popularity and try to fascinate those who like you and whom you   know that are not indifferent to your charm.


VIRGO ( 8/23 – 9/22 )

August 8,2018.

Woman -You want to be the right hand to your partner in everything and to let him know that you care about his career in achieving his ambitions. You believe in the possibility of continuing a relationship with Cancer or with Taurus or Libra. You achieve your goal.

Man-Many people think that you have some secret love, and you probably do not have a partner, or if you are young, you have superficial connections. If you are in a mature age, you are most likely devoted to the family and are trying to help them solve some problems.

LIBRA ( 9/23 – 10/2 )

August 8,2018.

Woman- You are looking forward to meeting with someone you have met several months ago or maybe last year. Since Mercury is weak since retrograde so  you will want to make arrangements of meeting your partner-to- be on regular basis even if he is not single.

Man- Transiting Moon makes you a bit nervous if you have to argue with a Cancer or to make arrangements regarding joint trip with a  Capricorn. You are likely to react rashly in a situation in which you will be guided solely by what you hear from a Virgo or Capricorn.


SCORPIO  (10/23 – 11/21)

August 8,2018.

Woman- You should better think thoroughly on any decision relating to your private life especially if you have some unresolved issues regarding money. Nevertheless, someone will be able to convince you that you should be agreeable to your partner even if he does not deserve it.

Man- Venus in Libra makes you prone to flirting with someone you have met on a public place or someone who frequently travels. Many planets in Leo makes you angry about trivialities or you are prone to criticize her for trifles.


SAGITTARIUS  ( 11/22 – 12/21 )

August 8,2018.

Woman- If you are in long lasting relationship or married you have many business dilemma and you need partner’s advice. If you have started relationship recently, you should get used to gossip. You are likely to expect a call from a Libra.

Man- You are overburdened by rumors on account of your relationship with a Taurus or Cancer and the impressions you make in public. You should occupy yourself with your concerns as well as partner’s instead of paying attentions to trivialities.


CAPRICORN  (12/ 22 – 1/19 )

August 8,2018.

Woman-. If you are attached to a Libra or Aries, you may expect that you will be supported regarding your career. You need to be understood, well treated and today you need to be alone. That is  the true way to become aware of what you want.

Man– The transiting Moon over Cancer opposing  Saturn makes you ready to be in a complicated relationship for which you have not enough patience. You may become nervous and Cancer or Taurus may be irritating today.


AQUARIUS ( 1/20 – 18/2 )

August 8,2018.

Woman- You are not sure you would succeed in what you have planned to do. You are likely getting unexpected call from a Virgo or Cancer and you will conclude that it might be a kind of annoyance or that someone is playing around with you.

Man- You are slightly mistrustful as it comes to a Capricorn with whom you could easily  reconcile if you apologized but you are very arrogant or self-assured that you are the one that has to be apologized.


PISCES (2/19 – 3/20 )

August 8,2018.

Woman- You are ready to start new relationship or to become more agreeable and you could persuade your mate to accept your attitude regarding something very important for both of you. There are a possibility to achieve agreement regarding money issue.

Man-If Scorpio makes a call be ready to meet with her but do not start talk about something that is very annoying or something relating to your past. If you have found out something that made you change your opinion about your mate, tell her about it.