Astrozenit Daily Horoscope


ARIES ( 3/21– 4/19 )

March 21,2018.

You can be very helpful to those you have got used to your support. There are a lot of new opportunities on a personal level and you know how to solve some slight problems. You do not want to overburden by trivialities but anyway you will be ready to listen to your friend’s complaints


TAURUS ( 4/20 – 5/20 )

March 21,2018.

You are ready to talk openly about your prospects and you are a bit nervous since nothing is unfolding you have expected. You should try to be more precise when you give a piece of advice to Scorpio or Capricorn if you want to be properly understood.


GEMINI ( 6/22-7/22)

March 21,2018.

You should be more grateful to those who have done you a favor. Don’t think you may impose your will on a Capricorn or an Aries. Do not hesitate to make important decisions, postponing makes you nervous, since you cannot find a proper way to express your creativity. Be sincere with the loved ones.


CANCER (6/22-7/22)

March 21.2018.

One of those days in which you want to belong to yourself with no necessity to share your ideas with others or maybe with a Taurus which is stimulating and supporting. A Scorpio may be a good friend while Pisces will give you the advice as to how to invest your money in big projects


LEO ( 7/23 – 8/22 .)

March 21,2018.

You are trying to be more practical and efficient than in previous days. Do not blame a  Taurus or Capricorn if you cannot find a solution for your dilemma. You should count on your own capacities and not on anyone else. Be kind to an Aries or Aquarius.


VIRGO ( 8/23 – 9/22 )

March 21,2018.

You probably have many duties and you need rest. It is not your style to hide your opinions. This can bring conflict with family members who are not as hard working, organized, and efficient as you. Criticism can be destructive, even if you mean well. Be ready to do a favour to  Capricorn.

LIBRA ( 9/23 – 10/2 )

March 21,2018.

You may be very ambitious but circumstances do not let you be more efficient. You are likely to be in a kind of money shortage and you will have to think about some additional job that may provide you with better income. If you are single, you may have an interesting encounter with  Aries or Gemini.


SCORPIO  (10/23 – 11/21)

March 21,2018.

If you have some expectations from an Aries you will be disappointed or angry, especially if you have made a kind of arrangement. You should better rely upon Capricorn  or someone who has worked for foreign firm than to have confidence in those you are not reliable.


SAGITTARIUS  ( 11/22 – 12/21 )

March 21,2018.

If you are ambitious, the position of Venus and Mercury be quite convenient to you today, but you are going to show how resolute you may be over trivial matters. You do not have an equally strong opponent even not those you would try to impose your will upon you although you may have a kind of impression.


CAPRICORN  (12/ 22 – 1/19 )

March 21,2018.

You are trying to find the best way how to solve financial problems. You may get the occasion to distinguish yourself in the company of the artists or in the scope of your job, particularly if it is expected from you to talk fluently foreign languages. Everything you do, brings you a kind of satisfaction, prospective that you will one day


AQUARIUS ( 1/20 – 18/2 )

March 21,2018.

Today you can be particularly nervous. Be careful when it comes to a decision concerning the love affair. You should be much more open to your partner if you need his/her help, do not hesitate, but give the explanation what it comes about, you may be supported.


PISCES (2/19 – 3/20 )

March 21,2018.

You are trying to do your best in terms of job for which you need tho show great ability for organization and possibly some talent. Your colleagues have a high opinion of you. Do not give up from the goals you set up for yourself, even if you are not particularly in the mood for work today.