Astrozenit Daily Horoscope


ARIES ( 3/21– 4/19 )

July 18,2018.

Transiting Moon over Libra may imply a new chance on job but you may be impatient demanding that your need is gratified.You have a good head for all practical matter today, you may be imaginative and emotional.


TAURUS ( 4/20 – 5/20 )

July 18,2018.

Transiting Mercury over Leo brings you the occasion for conversation with someone you are fond of but if both of you are stubborn and intolerant of each other’ s weakness. You have the opportunity to make a good impression on Sagittarius or Scorpio.


GEMINI ( 6/22-7/22)

July 18,2018.

You are challenged to improve, to take positive action, an go after what you want now, perhaps a good paid job.It i good time to fix something you have done wrong or to improve bussiness relationship.You are more able to expres ideas or feeling that you  normally can’t find words for


CANCER (6/22-7/22)

July 18,2018.

Your personal magnetism is hightened today,and you are ready to start new job or to talk about new projects which you think will be favoured by your boss and colleague.Your popularity has increased, since you have become more communicative and socializing.


LEO ( 7/23 – 8/22 .)

July 18,2018.

Your intuition is strong, you feel quite supported by friends and family members. You tend to gravitate toward those who has good ideas and energy and do not  criticize you. You rely upon a Libra or Taurus who have given you a promise relating very important issue.


VIRGO ( 8/23 – 9/22 )

July 18,2018.

You may feel exhausted, impatient and careless trying to make decision as to very important issue. There is no need to be worried regarding your relationship with a Cancer or Leo. You should share ideas or plans with family members or people in whom you have a great confidence

LIBRA ( 9/23 – 10/2 )

July 18,2018.

You are considering moving to a new residence or are planning a trip abroad in order to visit relatives or good friends.Many interesting news may be a cause for joy. You are motivated to be persistent as to new project with a Leo.You are motivated when it comes to realization of new ideas.


SCORPIO  (10/23 – 11/21)

July 18,2018.

You are inclined to find original solution since Uranus is in your segment of partnership. You might make connections through the social circles and through friendly relations.Don’t demand an immediate answer from your boss relating the eventual increase of your salary.


SAGITTARIUS  ( 11/22 – 12/21 ).

July 18,2018.

One of better day if you plan to spend it with a Cancer or Leo.Gemini or Virgo may be tiresome or unpleasant in communication.If you plan to probe each other feeling when it comes to bussiness partner who is at the same time your very good friend you should be careful about what you talk.


CAPRICORN  (12/ 22 – 1/19 )

July 18,2018.

You are obsessed by money or luxury matters when the Moon is passing over Leo and in the First Quarter phase you may make arrangements with those you are emotionally linked as well. You are appreciated more than you think and you will be aware of that in the company of a Sagittarius.


AQUARIUS ( 1/20 – 18/2 )

July 18,2018.

There are many opportunities as to your career, especially if you have ambitions  concerning the job in public.Your love partner will help you to reconsider your decision regarding your job the investment of money. Be careful when you talk about a Pisces.


PISCES (2/19 – 3/20 )

July 18,2018.

When the Moon is passing over a Libra once a month you are nervous or irritant, but these days when your segment of communication is supported by a  Capricorn, Taurus of Scprpio, you should be ready to compromise with someone who has good ideas about joint venture.