Chinese Daily Horoscope



RAT (1924.,1936.,1948.,1960.,1972.,1984.,1996.2008.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day




OX ( 1937,1949,1961,1973, 1985, 1997,2009.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You have an idea how to promote your plans and how to be successful in what you have planned. You are persistent, but open to any kind of suggestions working with those who are practical. Joint venture wit Ox, Monkey or Tiger may be a bit stressful. Don’t let anybody discourage you regarding new job.


TIGER ( 1926., 1938., 1950., 1962., 1974., 1986., 1998.,2010.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

One of those days in which you dominate, especially over those  who often oppose you. You are very ambitious regarding your finance as well as your social status. You are fixed in your routines and follow your path steadily even if there are some obstacles working with a Horse or a Sheep.


RABBIT ( or CAT , 1927., 1939., 1951., 1963., 1975., 1987.,1999.,2011.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You are ready to serving others, but only those who share your attitudes and who are ready to be with you on good terms. You have a strong feeling of responsibility towards those you love but you are a bit careless to those of less importance to you.You should try to make a first step towards the reconciliation with a Snake or a Rooster.


DRAGON ( 1928., 1940., 1952., 1964., 1976., 1988.,2000.,2012.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You are  willing to make any kind of sacrifice to those who show respect for you but if you find yourself dating somebody who isn’t kind enough especially if you say wrong things, be careful not to say those irritable words since yin weak element of wood may influence you to be too sensitive if someone offences you.If you are attracted to a Tiger, he/she is very dominant today.


SNAKE (1929., 1941., 1953., 1965., 1977., 1989.2001,2013.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

Your yin weak fire element  can stimulate a Rabbit who is under the influence of weak wood element and may make you wish start flirting with it. Intellectually you are strong, but not efficient enough and ignorant of what is of great imortance to you and your  career. Someone with whom you were once in a relationship, business or romantic may seeks you.


HORSE (1930., 1942., 1954., 1966., 1978., 1990.,2002.,2014.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

Your yang masculine wood element has great strength today and you can easily cope with everything related to love.You are expecting that a Snake, Sheep or Rabbit will  subordinate their will to you. If you were born in 1966 can be in conflict with Tiger born in 1986 because because there is conflict of interest between you two. You can expect a call from the Ox or Dragon who want to renew cooperation with you.


SHEEP ( or  GOAT- 1931., 1943., 1955., 1967., 1979., 1991.,2003.,2015.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You expect more support and attention from those you work with, especially if you are young and you are planning to start project that is expected to be profitable. Everything you have ever wanted to experience in love is not quite as easy as possible and feasible. Today yin weak wood element can be a bit stimulating to you.Do not enter into a discussion with Tiger or Rabbit.


MONKEY (1932., 1944., 1956., 1968., 1980., 1992.,2004.,2016.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You are intuitive and full of compassion but you are hardly dispose to show it.You should try to get over an old love and start all over again but with another partner, maybe with a Dragon or Ox.You feel fine in the company with those born in the year ended in 6 and 7 since they at least look like understanding you and ready to help you find your way, especially if you have professional problems.


ROOSTER ( 1921., 1933., 1945., 1957., 1969.,1981.1993.,2005.,2017. )

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You’re ready to stimulate your imagination and to  think about something that is not easy to realize. Everything you want, you need to  earn somehow or to fight for. You are prone to fantasize about some utterly unrealistic options regarding  business  as well as emotional life. There are a lot of enemies around you and you are probably unaware of that.


DOG (1922., 1934., 1946., 1958., 1970., 1982.,1994.2006.,2018.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

You are likely to attract happy and positive people since today’s yin,weak wood element makes you ready to have an enjoyable time. Big social gathering is suitable for you especially if you expect to meet someone you are fond of. On professional level yin wood  brings a little worry regarding your expenditure.

BOAR (1923., 1935., 1947., 1959., 1971., 1983., 1995.,2007.,2019.)

August 6,2019.- Tirquoise wood Boar day

Today  you prefer  avoid certain obligations and duties You are not in the mood to talk to anyone and do not want to listen other people’s problems especially of those born in years ended in 2 or 3. If you are working with those who were born in the year ended in 0 or 1 you can have serious conflicts of opinion and you will be unable to find the right solution for your problems